Photo Editing: A Behind the scenes look into the process of Editing

Hey there! So today since I had a pretty slow day, so I decided to create a video to show the process of editing an image.  Each image I edit is done differently, sometimes I'll add sun-rays, animals (for the little ones), and other times like today I did a basic editing session.

This is my very first editing video, it is set at a fast speed play to hopefully not put you to sleep. I do not have a cookie cutter style of editing. I never edit a image the same as all others. My editing style changes, the editing mood changes, I edit by how an image makes me feel.

Out of all steps taken from the moment you book, to the time your images are delivered, Editing is by far the most time consuming step of all.

One thing that breaks my heart ,  is when clients or prospects see pricing and immediately turn away, not considering the time a photographer puts into not just the shooting the session, but also : driving to and from the session, culling through the images, publishing proofs, and the part that seems to always get overlooked and to be most under-credited is the Editing.  My Editing style sets me apart from every other photographer. 

I unfortunately do not have a time-clock to punch into daily, and its really easy to get carried away in the editing process. My time is just as valuable as anyone else's when they are on their job. I am just fortunate enough to be able work doing something I love. 

Im not going to lie , I've had some images that really only took me about 5-10 minutes, but 90% of the time each image will take anywhere from 15-25 including the time it takes to make minor adjustments, crop, and in-depth editing. 

Enjoy this behind the scenes look at a editing session! Be sure you click the HD High quality view mode on the bottom right of the video player.

In this video I edit skin, eyes, hair, lips, and i fill in dead grass dirt patches.