What to expect from your session

So you've booked your session, and either this is your first professional photoshoot or first as a family and you might be wondering how it will go, and what to expect. The first thing I want you to expect is you will NOT be posed. I know during the first few minutes of our session you  may feel a little nervous. You are totally allowed to feel nervous at first! 

I refuse to pose any of my clients! I want all natural interaction and expressions! I will simply place you in a spot with a desirable background , and then I just want you guys to have fun with one another and enjoy each other! I will sometimes throw some cues/prompts to help . 

Tip for parents:  Be prepared with bribes for your littles! Whether its a trip to get yogurt, candy, or going to their favorite play place ; let them know they'll get a reward for a successful photo session. 


Family Session with ©Beautiful Horizon Photography. Tuscaloosa Portrait Photographer. 

Family Session with ©Beautiful Horizon Photography. Tuscaloosa Portrait Photographer. 

Now a days its hard to actually enjoy our family and loved ones without the distractions from our phones, our jobs, and house chores. Think of your photo session as the time to truly enjoy each others company. Your kids should not feel the pressure to have to look and smile at the camera the entire time! They don't have to sit or stand perfectly straight and they definitely don't need to stay in one spot. 

Your images should tell a story. Your family's story. It should be a memory , not just a portrait. When you look at your images on your walls, I want you to feel the love. 

 As I am clicking, I love capturing constant movement ;  BIG tight hugs, kisses, tickle fights, telling each other your favorite jokes, telling one another how much you love them. 

Some fun things to do during our session with the little ones: Piggyback rides (on back or shoulders), arm swings,  ring around the rosie around mom and dad, & any other fun games ! 


Couples session with ©Beautiful Horizon Photography. Tuscaloosa Portrait Photographer. 

Couples session with ©Beautiful Horizon Photography. Tuscaloosa Portrait Photographer. 

 Our session is the perfect time for full PDA!

Some things I love seeing couples do : Kisses, whispered secrets, playing with each others hair , piggy back rides, tight hugs, or dance like no one is watching. 

Ill throw in some prompts to help it all come naturally but I don't want you to hold back just because there is a camera there. These photos will go on your walls, think about the story you want to tell of your relationship when you see them and share them with friends and family.  I want you to feel butterflies , I want you to fall in love all over again every time you glance at your images. 


As sung by Lonestar, "Let them be little".

Mom and dad, don't worry if your little ones aren't looking straight at the camera and smiling as hard as they can, I'd much rather capture their personalities, their true smiles from when they see or feel something that makes them happy, I want to capture their curiosity. Let them run around, let them show off their dance skills, their spins, watch them pick flowers, or find cool shaped rocks for their collections ! These "distractions" create the most natural, and beautiful images. 

©Beautiful Horizon Photography. Tuscaloosa Portrait Photographer. 

©Beautiful Horizon Photography. Tuscaloosa Portrait Photographer. 



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