Maria Hargrove, Tuscaloosa Portrait & Wedding Photographer. 


About me

Hi there, My name is Maria Hargrove. I am a lifestyle Portrait Photographer in Tuscaloosa, AL. I have two passions in life : My family, and photography. I am a wife, and mom of a beautiful 5 year old .  My daughter is a huge part of where I get my inspiration.  She has taught me to go with the flow , capture the simple unposed moments, and use my imagination again just like she does. 

My Goal as your photographer is to make you feel celebrated, and stop your busy schedule to take the opportunity to truly enjoy your family/loved ones , and let me capture all the the fun you have together as you make new memories.

I don't want to take just any photo, I want my images to tell your story in a form of art, and to be displayed and shared,  not for just a week on facebook, but something that can be passed down to future generations.

I look forward to meeting you & capturing new memories!

FYI: Where does the Beautiful Horizon Photography come from? - I was born and raised in a city called "Belo Horizonte", in Brazil.  Can you guess what that translates to?  Yup! Belo Horizonte translates to Beautiful Horizon! 

*Note to parents: I am all about letting the kids be kids during our sessions. No need to pose, stand straight, always look at the camera with a painful smile. I want them to play together, run around, pick flowers, hunt for new rocks to add to their collection or chase around the butterflies!